1987 German Aerospace Centre DLR and MAN start to develop non-linear research code SIMPACK.
1993 Dr. Alex Eichberger founds INTEC as DLR spin-off to commercialize and further develop SIMPACK.
1996 Dr. Lutz Mauer, a respected expert in railway engineering, joins the executive board and the company changes its legal status to a limited liability company, a GmbH.
1999 INTEC is declared one of the 30 most successful German research spin-offs by The Federal President of Germany.
2001 INTEC acquires all rights on SIMPACK from DLR.
2003 INTEC Dynamics Ltd. founded as UK subsidiary of INTEC.
2006 INTEC Japan K.K. founded as Japan subsidiary of INTEC.
2007 INTEC France S.A.S founded as France subsidiary of INTEC.
INTEC US Inc. founded as US subsidiary of INTEC.
2009 INTEC GmbH becomes SIMPACK AG. INTEC is renamed SIMPACK and changes its legal status from a GmbH to an AG.
2014 Dassault Systèmes acquires SIMPACK Group. SIMPACK becomes part of the Dassault Systèmes's SIMULIA brand.
2015 SIMPACK AG becomes SIMPACK GmbH: SIMPACK changes its legal status from an AG to a GmbH.