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SIMULIA Multibody Simulation User Group Meetings 2016


We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to attend the first North American Multibody Simulation User Group Meeting in Plymouth, MI, USA and/or the first European Multibody Simulation User Group Meeting in Darmstadt, Germany.

Each of the one-day User Group Meetings will demonstrate SIMULIA’s multibody simulation capabilities with a primary focus on Simpack software.
The primary goal of both events is to give users an opportunity to share their Simpack experiences and learn about new modeling and analysis strategies.
The MBS UGMs will bring together Simpack experts and users, and MBS specialists from around the world, who will share their knowledge and demonstrate the technical diversity of SIMULIA’s MBS technical capabilities.
Attendees will also hear about the latest Simpack features and how they can be applied to further enhance productivity with Simpack.

This is a unique opportunity to experience state-of-the-art MBS technology, meet major players in this field and network with accomplished and new users from a wide range of industries.

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SIMPACK User Meeting 2014


SIMPACK 2014 customer User Meeting presentations and videos are now available for download. For specific presentations please choose the relevant industrial sector, and then select the User Meeting Presentations link.

You'll be able to find 39 new presentations from companies such as:
Daimler AG - "Simulation Methods for NVH Development of a Double Clutch Transmission Gearbox", BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Bombardier Transportation, DB, Vestas together with ZF, DLR, plus many more!

We would like to thank everyone who participated for making the User Meeting such a successful and enjoyable event.


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Landing of the Rosetta Philae on Comet


Congratulations to the entire team!
And especially for all the great work done in SIMPACK!

User Meeting Presentation


Release of SIMPACK 9.7


SIMPACK is pleased to announce the official release of SIMPACK 9.7.
SIMPACK 9.7 is a major release delivering more than 60 new features and over 100 improvements. The most prominent changes of SIMPACK 9.7 include:

  • DoE - response surface models, multi model support
  • Wizard - direct DoE support
  • Flexible Bodies - nonlinear SIMBEAM, Loads Static
  • General - model internationalization through multiple descriptions
  • Drivetrain - speedup of KISSsoft bearing element
  • Wind - hydrodynamics for offshore turbines

Dassault Systèmes acquires SIMPACK


SIMPACK and Dassault Systèmes will provide the leading integrated solution spanning from conceptual engineering to real-time virtual experience of the performance of mechanical and mechatronic systems.

Release of SIMPACK 9.6


SIMPACK is pleased to announce the official release of SIMPACK 9.6.
SIMPACK 9.6 is a major release delivering more than 180 new features and over 200 improvements. The most prominent changes of SIMPACK 9.6 include:

  • New Realtime Solver
  • Design of Expirements module
  • Full integration history and statistics in result file SIMPACK
  • GUI scripting and macro recording
  • Space Mouse support
  • Mode shape animation with energy contouring
  • Wizard model and loadcase comparison
  • Load Case Calculation for Wind Turbines
  • Gear Pair stiffness plots
  • New KISSsoft based rolling bearing model
  • Acoustics analysis support (structure-borne noise)
  • Principal stress computation

For more info on the latest changes, see: SIMPACK Release 9.6 PDF


Release of SIMPACK 9.5


SIMPACK is pleased to announce the official release of SIMPACK 9.5. This release delivers more than 90 new features and 150 improvements. The most prominent updates in SIMPACK 9.5 include:

  • New documentation
  • Enhancements to the visual layout (including element icons in 3D graphics, improved blockdiagram and submodel edit changes)
  • Variable Rail profiles
  • New “Basic Gear Pair” Force Element
  • LOADS improvements
  • SIMBEAM improvements
  • ASCII export of element-specific plots
  • New Expression and SubVar functions

For more info on the latest changes, see: SIMPACK Release 9.5 PDF


SIMPACK becomes a strategic CAE software supplier to Jaguar Land Rover


Following a 2-year benchmark with Jaguar Land Rover and extensive joint developments, SIMPACK has been awarded the status of a strategic CAE software supplier by JLR. This agreement covers:

  • Motion tool harmonization process based on SIMPACK 9 and the SIMPACK WIZARD
  • SIMPACK multi seat license contract
  • Deployment on a large scale across departments for
    - Full Vehicle Multi Body Systems Model 
    - Vehicle Dynamics (Ride and Handling) 
    - Vehicle Capability and Robustness 
    - Road Load Data, Chassis Analysis 
    - Powertrain, Driveline and Transmissions
  • Comprehensive consultancy support for training, model transition from existing tools to SIMPACK and creating JLR specific vertical applications


The key benefits that SIMPACK is able to offer to Jaguar Land Rover, which led to the decision to award SIMPACK the status of a strategic MBS service provider, are:

  • Excellent technical expertise and support quality of SIMPACK staff
  • Pace of innovation
  • Open, versatile and user-friendly concepts of SIMPACK 9 and SIMPACK WIZARD
  • Single platform for model integration across multiple departments
  • Capability to use existing models for real time applications
  • SIMPACK solver robustness and speed
  • Easily deployed motion software solutions within their development process


More details (PDF)

Release of SIMPACK Version 9.4


We are pleased to announce the official release of SIMPACK Version 9.4, which delivers more than 100 new features and over 200 improvements.

The most prominent changes in SIMPACK 9.4 include:

  • Fully integrated and parameterized SIMBEAM module
  • S-Function export
  • FMU export
  • Model executable export
  • Graphical model and element comparison
  • Tire test plots
  • New filtering capabilities in SIMPACK Post
  • Solver speedup for both standard and parallel solver
  • Advanced end state handling

For more info on the latest changes, see: SIMPACK Release 9.4 PDF

Release of SIMPACK Version 9.3


We are pleased to announce the official release of SIMPACK Version 9.3, which delivers more than 30 new features and over 100 improvements.

The most prominent changes in SIMPACK 9.3 include:

  • Solver speedup for both standard and parallel solver
  • Significantly improved performance of online solver animation
  • SIMPACK Rail support for roller rigs
  • Streamlined SIMPACK Wizard
  • New Real-Time module SIMPACK RT
  • Scaling of mass and stiffness of Flexible Bodies
  • Export of deformations of Flexible Bodies
  • Scaling of Input Functions
  • Support for ANSYS 14.5
  • Support for ABAQUS 6.12
  • CatSIM V5 support for Catia V5R21 and SIMPACK 9

For more info on the latest changes, see: SIMPACK Release 9.3 PDF

Release of SIMPACK Version 9.2


SIMPACK 9.2 is a further major milestone in the development of SIMPACK. It is a major release delivering more than 100 new features and 200 improvements.

The most prominent changes of SIMPACK 9.2 include:

  • SIMPACK Loads for performing stress calculations
  • FMI 1.0 for co-simulation support
  • Interface to BEARINX® for simulating rolling bearings
  • SIMPACK Solver speed-up for both standard and parallel solver
  • SIMPACK Solver Scripting debugger and GUI support

For more info on the latest changes, see: SIMPACK Release 9.2 PDF

SIMPACK Conference Wind and Drivetrain, September 26, 2012, Hamburg


We would like to invite you to attend a one day SIMPACK Wind and Drivetrain conference. The main focus of the congress is to demonstrate new SIMPACK functionalities for wind and drivetrain applications, e.g. automatic Dynamic Load Calculations. Guest speakers will also be presenting their work with SIMPACK. There will additionally be a selection of exhibitors presenting their work and products.

Download Conference Flyer (PDF)

SKF becomes a SIMPACK user


SKF, a manufacturer of high quality bearings, is now a SIMPACK user. SIMPACK has been selected for its general MBS capabilities and ability to integrate user-specific subroutines.

SKF Group website (external link)

Release of SIMPACK Version 9.0


SIMPACK 9.0 is a major milestone in the development of SIMPACK.
With a completely new framework, SIMPACK has opened the door to a wealth of new functionalities and features.

In SIMPACK v. 9.0, users can take advantage of: a new graphical user interface, advanced parallel solver technology, a state-of-the-art FE interface, an object-oriented scripting engine, easy-to-use unit handling, and the SIMPACK Wizard, which enables easy setup of standardized models and analysis processes—to name just a few.

SIMPACK User Meeting 2011


The SIMPACK AG would like to thank all speakers and attendees of the SIMPACK User Meeting 2011 for making this a successful conference.

All User Meeting 2011 presentations are now available online under downloads: by event and by industrial sector.
For photos of the User Meeting 2011 click here.

Goldwind Science and Technology Co., Ltd. selects SIMPACK


After using a different MBS code for over a year, Goldwind independently tested and preferred SIMPACK. SIMPACK was chosen due to the strength of its drivetrain simulations, the powerful and stable solver and the continual growth of SIMPACK’s market share.

other SIMPACK Wind Users

Goldwind website (external link)

LIEBHERR Machines Bulle SA selects SIMPACK


After an intensive evaluation period, LIEBHERR Machines Bulle SA has selected SIMPACK for mechanical engine and hydraulic pump analyses.

The decision was primarily due to three factors:

1. SIMPACK’s powerful EHD solution (TOWER by IST)

2. Diverse analyses due to SIMPACK’s general MBS capabilities

3. SIMPACK’s solver accuracy, speed and reliability


LIEBHERR Machines Bulle SA website (external link)

INTEC GmbH changes name to SIMPACK AG


Due to SIMPACK’s international success, and because all INTEC GmbH activities are based on SIMPACK, the decision has been made to change the company’s name to SIMPACK AG.
All existing contracts with INTEC GmbH have been merged into the SIMPACK AG and will continue under the same conditions.

New location with double the space


Due to SIMPACK's rapid expansion, our head office has moved to new premises with double the amount of office space.

Our new contact details are:

Friedrichshafener Strasse 1
82205 Gilching
Tel.: +49 (0)8105 77266-0

Individual extension numbers and e-mail addresses remain the same.

Schaeffler Group selects SIMPACK


After a two-year evaluation period, Schaeffler has chosen SIMPACK for its complete engine analyses. Schaeffler’s decision was based on SIMPACK’s accuracy, speed and reliability in solving detailed models; this included flexible components, together with a stable co-simulation solution for hydraulic components.

Schaeffler Group website (external link)

Aerospace: Two new SIMPACK Users


Originally developed by the DLR (German Aerospace Centre), SIMPACK’s presence within the industry continues to expand.

Canadian Space Agency website (external link)

China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation website (external link)

ALSTOM Transport Selects SIMPACK as Common Solution


Along with Siemens Mobility and Bombardier Transportation, another global player, ALSTOM Transport, now uses SIMPACK as a standard tool.

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Considerable Extension of SIMPACK Usage


SIMPACK was chosen as BMW Group’s MBS solution for gasoline engine analysis. Additional licenses were delivered for driveline, complete vehicle Ride, NVH and Real-Time MBS applications.

The FVA chooses SIMPACK as common Multi-Body Solution


The FVA, Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik (Research Association for Drive Technology), under whose direction such programs as RIKOR, STplus and DRESP were created, has now chosen SIMPACK as the common platform for their multi-body related activities in research and software development.

SIMPACK News Article

FVA website (external link)