File Description

UM 2014, Fraunhofer ITWM, M. Burger, M. Bäcker, A. Gallrein, M. Kleer:
Full-Vehicle Real-Time Simulation with an Advanced Flexible Tire Model on Fraunhofer’s Driving Simulator
UM 2007, SIMPACK AG, F. Kohlschmied:
Further Developments in SIMPACK Code Export
UM 2007, Frauenhofer Institut, G. Bitsch:
Development of an Experimental and Test Environment for Vehicle Real-Time Simulations
UM 2007, Daimler Chrysler, K. Wüst:
SIMPACK Real-time Models for HiL Testing at DC Trucks
UM 2007, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, U. Heitz:
Uwe Heitz, Real-Time SIMPACK Look-up Table Model for a Multi-Processor HIL-Testrig
UM 2006, SIMPACK AG, F. Kohlschmied;
Further Developments in SIMPACK Code Export
UM 2006, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, T. Ille, A. Martinez:
The Easy-to-use Steering Design Tool SimuLENK as an Application of SIMPACK Code Export
UM 2004, ETAS GmbH, G. Wittler:
LABCAR-VDYM V5.0 - the Bridge between Vehicle Component and ECU Development
UM 2004, SIMPACK AG, F. Kohlschmied:
SIMPACK Code Export - The Basis of Mechatronic Simulation
UM 2004, ZF Friedrichshafen, U. Piram, B. Austermann:
Vitesse - Simulation of Active Vehicle Systems Using SIMPACK Code Export
UM 2003, Bombardier Transportation, C. Kossmann:
Investigation of Active Bogie Stabilisation Using SIMPACK Control and SIMAT
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INTEC GmbH, Ride, Handling, Real-Time and HIL - a Prototype Transition Provided by INTEC and ETAS
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SIMPACK Code Export
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SIMPACK as a MBS-Tool in the BOSCH-CS-Simulation Concept
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Real Time Simulation of Heavy Trucks Using SIMPACK
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Automated Transfer of Kinematic and Elasto-Kinematic Test Rig Results to Vehicle Dynamic Simulation Model
UM 2001, SIMPACK AG, A. Eichberger:
SIMPACK - a Tool for Offline and Realtime Simulation