File Description

2016, February; Munich Universtiy of Applied Sciences, S. Lehner, M. Ott:
Biomechanical Analysis of Nail and Plate Osteosynthesis for the Humerus Fracture

2014, March; Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen, M. Nusser, V. Wank; Biomotion Solutions GbR, V. Keppler:
Musculoskeletal Model of Bicycle Pedaling

2012, December; DLR, W. Krüger, M. Klaus:
Multi-Body Simulation of a Flying Pterosaur

2011, December; University of Rostock, Chair of Technical Dynamics, R. Racholz, M. Kaehler, J. Zierath, C. Woernle; University of Rostock, Department of Orthopaedics, S. Hermann, R. Souffrant, D. Kluess, R. Bader:
Musculoskeletal Multi-Body Modeling used for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations

2009, November; University of Koblenz-Landau Campus Koblenz, S. Bauer, K. Gruber:
MBS Model of the Human lumbar Spine — Development and Applications

2008, November; Biomotion Solutions GbR, V. Keppler:
Biomechanical Rider for Motorcycle Simulations

2008, November; Hochschule München, S. Lehner, O. Wallrapp:
MBS Model of the Human Head and Neck for Investigating the Effectiveness of Head Protectors in Football

2003, August; SIMPACK AG, G. Hippmann: Pedestrian crash

1998, August; DLR, G. Hippmann:
SIMPACK in der Biomechanik (German)