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2016, February; Daimler AG, K. Wuest, F. Scheiffert:
MiL Test Stand for the Evaluation of ADAS and HMI using SIMPACK Realtime

2014, August; Laboratory of Multibody and Vehicle Dynamics, OTH Regensburg, G. Rill, T. Schaeffer:
Scaled Vehicle Dynamics

2012, December; IVK, University of Stuttgart, M. Horn; IVK/FKFS, J. Wiedemann; FKFS, J. Neubeck:
Using SIMPACK for the Numeric Simulation of Vehicles Energy Demand during Customer Driving

2012, July; IVK, University of Stuttgart, A. Wiesebrock; FKFS, J. Neubeck:
User Tire Road Model and Road Sensor for Advanced Vehicle Dynamic Applications

2011, December; Jaguar Land Rover, A. Alemohammed:
Active Ride Simulations at Jaguar Land Rover Vehicle Dynamics using SIMPACK and MatSIM

2011, December; Rennteam University of Stuttgart, T. Böhm:
SIMPACK Supports Formula Student Racing Series

2009, November; BMW Group, F. Froschhammer; SIMPACK AG, M. Schittenhelm, R. Keppler:
BMW High-Dynamic Engine Test Benches using SIMPACK Real-Time Models

2009, November; Delta Motorsport:
Delta Motorsport E-4 Coupe Electric Car

2009, June; Epsilon Euskadi, I. Platas:
METCA, a Masters Programme in Motorsport Engineering, selects SIMPACK

2006, November; TU München, H. Meyer-Tuve:
Research on the Open Road at the TU München

2005, October; Jordan Grand Prix, R. Frith:
SIMPACK Use at Jordan Grand Prix

2005, July; BMW Group, Dr. Bencker, M. Nussbaumer; TU Dresden, Prof. B. Schlecht:
Gearshift-Comfort Oriented Transmission and Drive Train Simulation at BMW

2003, January; Land Rover Chassis Integration, B. Thurman:
The Third Generation Range Rover

1996, May; FH München, S. Senger; SIMPACK AG, J. Gerl:
LISA - "Studentenauto" für die Stadt (German)


2016, February; CLAAS Industrietechnik GmbH, S. Rackow:
Simulation of Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension of a Rubber Track Undercarriage

2012, July; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, A. Rüdenauer:
Cross-Company System Simulation using the GUSMA-Standard for Co-Simulation

2011, December; Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, S. Meiners:
Simulation of Granular Product Flows in SIMPACK using the PCM Contact Method

2011, December; University of Hohenheim, P. Wiitzel, D. Heim, S. Böttinger:
Hohenheim Tire Model for Use in Agricultural Industry

2009, November; DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, A. Gibbesch, R. Krenn:
Planetary Rover Mobility Performance Simulation on a Sandy Terrain


2016, February; Daimler AG, K. Wuest, F. Scheiffert:
MiL Test Stand for the Evaluation of ADAS and HMI using SIMPACK Realtime

July, 2012; Virtual Vehicle Research and Test Center:
A New Massless Leaf Spring Model for Full Commercial Vehicle Simulations

2010, September; Daimler AG, CAE Commercial Vehicles, Klaus Wüst:
Electronic Stability Program (ESP) for Trucks on the Daimler Driving Simulator

2010, September; University of Stuttgart, Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics, A. Lenhard, F. Fleißner, P. Eberhard:
Simulating Tank Vehicles with Sloshing Liquid Load

2003, December; MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, R. Zettel, T. Ille:
Fatigue Analysis on a Virtual Test Rig using LOADS Durability

2003, December;SIMPACK AG, C. Weidemann:
Air-Springs in SIMPACK

Other Wheeled Vehicles

2016, February; Voith Industrial Services Road & Rail, P. Vogel:
Development of a Model Library for Motorcycle Drivetrain Components

2014, March; Qingdao University, Liu Wei:
Kinematics Analysis and Design Optimization of Semi-Active Suspension for a Light Bus

2014, March; University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Institute of Automation, Thomas Dreier:
Modeling, Simulation and Dynamic Analyses of a Closed Single-Track Vehicle

2008, November; Biomotions Solutions, V. Keppler:
Biomechanical Rider for Motorcycle Simulations

Automotive Functionalities

2014, March; Fraunhofer-Institute ITWM, A. Gallrein, M. Baecker, M. Burger:
Tire Modeling from Structural Analysis to Real-Time Applications

2014, March; TNO, A. Schmeitz:
TNO’s MF-Tyre / MF-Swift and the Delft-Tyre Toolchain

2014, March; cosin scientific software, M. Gipser, G. Hofmann:
FTire: High-End Tire Model for Vehicle Simulation in SIMPACK
2009, June; SIMPACK AG, J. Zeman:
Dynamic Bushing and Hydromount
2009, June; SIMPACK AG, M. Schittenhelm, R. Zander:
New Driveline Force Elements
2009, June; SIMPACK AG, S. Muslki:
SIMPACK 8.902 - New Functionalities
2008, April; SIMPACK AG, W. Trautenberg:
SIMPACK 8.9 - New Functionality
1998, December; SIMPACK AG, M. Schittenhelm:
Neues von SIMPACK Automotive (German)
1998, December; SIMPACK AG, A. Eichberger:
SIMPACK-MF-Tyre: Ein neues Reifenmodul (German)
1998, May; SIMPACK AG, G. Hippmann:
Neues von SIMPACK Automotive (German)
1997, November; SIMPACK AG, A. Eichberger:
Neues von SIMPACK Automotive (German)
1997, August; SIMPACK AG, A. Eichberger:
Neues von SIMPACK Automotive (German)
1997, May; SIMPACK AG, A. Eichberger:
Neues von SIMPACK Automotive (German)
1996, November; SIMPACK AG, A. Eichberger:
SIMPACK Automotive (German)

2008, April; SIMPACK AG, S. Mulski, R. Keppler:
Code Export Excel Plug-In
2007, November; University Halle-Wittenberg, M. Busch, M. Arnold; DLR, A. Heckmann; Daimler AG, S. Dronka:
Interfacing SIMPACK to Modelica/Dymola for multi-domain vehicle system simulations
2004, July; SIMPACK AG, J. Gerl:
SIMPACK Virtual Suspension
2003, December; MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, R. Zettler, T. Ille:
Fatigue Analysis on a Virtual Test Rig using LOADS Durability
2003, December; SIMPACK AG, G. Hippmann, M. Duke:
Advances in Track Modelling
2003, August; CTU Prague, V. Drobny:
ABS Braking with SIMAT Co-Simulation Interface
2003, January; Ingenieurbüro Hirschberg in Styr and FH Regensburg, Dr. Hirschberg, H. Weinfurter, Dr. Rill:
TMeasy - a Tyre Model "Easy to Use"
2001, December; SIMPACK AG:
INTEC partners up with ETAS
1997, November; Institut für Astronomie und Astrophysik der Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, O. Schüszler, H. Ruder:
Unfallsimulation PKW-Mensch (German)