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UM 2014, Biomotion Solutions GbR, V. Keppler:
SIMPACK Biomotion — Application of Virtual Human Body Models in MBS Simulation: The Biomotion Car Driver Model and Other Applications

UM 2014, Daimler AG, A. Neubauer:
Simulation Methods for NVH Development of a Double Clutch Transmission Gearbox

UM 2014, Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Y. Jo:
Engine Mount Force Prediction for Strength Design During Rapid Start

UM 2014, Jaguar Land Rover, P. Khapane:
Making Virtual Road Load Data a Reality at Jaguar Land Rover Using SIMPACK

UM 2014, Jaguar Land Rover, J. Pawar, N. Dixon:
Powertrain and Vehicle System Dynamic Simulation Using SIMPACK

UM 2014, Ostfalia University of Applied Science, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, V. Dorsch:
Simulation of Vehicle Dynamics Control by Active Steering Systems

UM 2014, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, T. Mauz, U. Fehr:
Vehicle Models Used for Simulation of Low-Frequency Vibrations in a Car
UM 2011, BMW Group, M. Spickenreuther, F. Bersiner, E. Fricke:
Realistic Driving Comfort Experience of NewVehicle Concepts on the BMW Ride Simulator using MBS Complete Vehicle Models
UM 2011, Daimler AG, T. Rumpel, A. Schäfer; SIMPACK AG, J. Zeman:
Driveline Investigations at Mercedes-Benz
UM 2011, IABG mbH, A. Schmid; BMW Group, A. Raith:
Multi-Body Simulation of Powertrain Acoustics in the Full Vehicle Development

UM 2011, IKAM - Ostfalia University of applied Science (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), V. Dorsch, A. Holm:
Model-in-the-Loop Simulation Including Automotive Control Systems

UM 2011, Jaguar Land Rover (Vehicle Dynamics), A. Alemohammed:
Active Ride Simulations at Jaguar Land Rover Vehicle Dynamics Using SIMPACK and MatSIM

UM 2011, Jaguar Land Rover (Research), S. Lolas:
Estimation of Reliable Design Loads During Extreme Strength and Durability Events at Jaguar Land Rover using SIMPACK

UM 2011; Das Virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (VIF), G. Mueller; Graz University of Technology (Institute of Automotive Engineering), W. Hirschberg; MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, T. Ille; SIMPACK AG, R. Zander:
Leaf Spring Modeling in SIMPACK: A New Approach to Model-Diversity
UM 2011; Dresden Univerity of Technology (Institute of Power Engineering), P. Goldmann, C. Schubert, G. Kunze, M. Beitelschmidt:
Interactive Simulation on a Motion Platform based on SIMPACK Models
UM 2011, University of Cambridge (Department of Engineering), O. Gazeley:
Vehicle Dynamics Concept of a Solar Racing Car
UM 2011, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, U. Priam, B. Austermann, U. Heitz:
Chassis Design using Composite Materials: MBS-Modeling and Experiences
UM 2007, TU München, H. Meyer-Tuve:
Research on Active Suspensions
UM 2007, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, U. Heitz:
Real-Time SIMPACK Lookup Table Model for a Multi-Processor HIL-Testrig
UM 2006, Univerität Stuttgart, B. Mavroudakis:
Simulation of Advanced Chassis Concepts for Motorcycles and Racing Cars
UM 2004, ETAS GmbH, G. Wittler:
LABCAR-VDYM V5.0 - the Bridge between Vehicle Component and ECU Development
UM 2004, Jordan Grand Prix, R. Frith, J. Knapton:
Using SIMPACK for Full Vehicle Dynamics Simulation at Jordan Grand Prix
UM 2004, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, U. Piram, B. Austermann:
Vitesse - Simulation of Active Vehicle Systems Using SIMPACK Code Export
UM 2003, ETAS, C. Volle; SIMPACK AG, W. Rulka:
Ride, Handling, Real-Time and HIL - a Prototype Transition Provided by INTEC and ETAS
UM 2003, Fuidon mbH, R. Kett:
Flexible Implementation of Fluid Power Systems in SIMPACK Using the DSHplus Simulation Tool Chain (STC)
UM 2003, Bosch, A. Lutz:
SIMPACK as a MBS-Tool in the BOSCH-CS-Simulation Concept
UM 2001, BMW Group, A. Raith:
The Application of Dynamic Reduction in Modelling an Exhaust System as a Flexible Body
UM 2001, FD ČVUT, J. Kovanda:
Vehicle-pedestrian Collision, Simulation in SIMPACK
UM 2001, IKA RWTH, C. Elbers, T. Schrüllkamp:
Automated Transfer of Kinematic and Elasto-Kinematic Test Rig Results to Vehicle Dynamic Simulation Model
UM 2001, IMAGINE Software GmbH, C. Armbruster:
AMESim and the Network Level. Design and Simulation of Mechatronic Systems


UM 2006, DLR, A. Gibbesch:
Multibody System Modelling and Simulation of Planetary-Rover Mobility on Soft Terrain

UM 2004, Freudberg, P. Gomez, H. Maier:
Employing the Shovel of an Excavator as a Vibration Absorber - Optimisation Potential by Considering the Entire System


UM 2014, MAN Truck & Bus AG, S. Litter, J. Fleischhacker, T. Ille; IBW – Engineering-Office Weinfurter, H. Weinfurter:
Model Based Homologation Process with SIMPACK
UM 2011, Daimler AG, V. Sing
Simplifying a Chassis Test Bench by Virtual Iteration of Structual Strains with SIMPACK
UM 2007, Frauenhofer Institut, G. Bitsch
Development of an Experimental and Test Environment for Vehicle Real-Time Simulations
UM 2007, DaimlerChrysler, K. Wüst,
SIMPACK Real-time Models for HiL Testing at DC Trucks
UM 2007, MAN, B. Hertrampf, V. Mladek:
The ITFC control with an MBS Truck Test-rig
UM 2007, Daimler AG, N. Weigel:
Virtual Iteration for Set Up of Truck Cab Tests
UM 2006, DaimlerChrysler, D. Meljnikov:
Use of SIMPACK at the DaimlerChrysler Nutzfahrzeuge AG
UM 2006, MAN, T. Ille, A. Martinez:
The Easy-to-use Steering Design Tool SimuLENK as an Application of SIMPACK Code Export
UM 2004, DaimlerChrysler, E. Rossmann:
Brake Design of Multi-Axle Vehicles
UM 2004, TU Graz, H. Weinfurther:
Controller Design by SIMPACK/ SIMAT/ MATLAB: Disturbance Compensation by a Steer-by-Wire System in a MAN Truck
UM 2003, DaimlerChrysler, I. Boros:
Nonlinear Frequency Response: Application of a New SIMPACK Feature in Case of Investigating Truck Rolling Behaviour
UM 2003, SIMPACK AG, S. Dietz:
The Customer Driven Development of SIMPACK's Durability Interface
UM 2003, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, T. Ille, R. Zettler:
Use of SIMPACK in a CAE Process Chain for Fatigue Analysis
UM 2001, DaimlerChrysler, V. Sing, I. Krajcin:
Set up of an Automotive Test Rig in SIMPACK
UM 2001, FKFS, G. Baumann:
Real Time Simulation of Heavy Trucks Using SIMPACK

Other wheeled vehicles

UM 2014, Fachhochschule Bielefeld, University of Applied Sciences, ISyM, R. Naumann, S. Lück:
Theoretical and Experimental Research of the Vertical Dynamics of an Electric Wheelchair and Optimizing the Ride Comfort using Semi-Active Dampers
UM 2011, BMW Motorrad, R. Zettler, P. Naruncic; M. Anders, B. Bredl, SIMPACK AG, :
Dynamical Simulation of Gear Shift Processes in BMW Motorcycle Gear Boxes
UM 2007, TU Dresden, M. Beitelschmidt, V. Quarz:
SIMPACK Modelling Tool for Motorcycle Dynamics Simulation
UM 2006, Univerität Stuttgart, B. Mavroudakis:
Simulation of Advanced Chassis Concepts for Motorcycles and Racing Cars

Automotive Functionalities

UM 2014, Bosch Rexroth AG, J. Steinwede, F. Stachowske; RWTH Aachen, Institute for Elements and Machine Design (IME), G. Jacobs:
Analyses of the Excitation Behavior of a Ball-Type Constant-Velocity Joint Using the Polygonal Contact Method

UM 2014, cosin scientific software, G. Hofmann, M. Gipser:
FTire: Stepping Towards the Real Tire — Modeling Imperfections, Operating Conditions, Temperature and Wear

UM 2014, Fraunhofer ITWM, F. Calabrese, M. Bäcker, A. Gallrein:
Advanced Handling Applications with New Tire Model Utilizing 3D Thermo-Dynamics

UM 2014, Fraunhofer ITWM, M. Burger, M. Bäcker, A. Gallrein, M. Kleer:
Full-Vehicle Real-Time Simulation with an Advanced Flexible Tire Model on Fraunhofer’s Driving Simulator
UM 2007, SIMPACK AG, M. Schittenhelm:
New Developments in SIMPACK Automotive and Engine
UM 2007, Daimler AG, I. Boros:
SIMPACK Automotive Lane Control Module
UM 2006, MAN, T. Ille, A. Martinez:
The Easy-to-use Steering Design Tool SimuLENK as an Application of SIMPACK Code Export
UM 2003, TNO Automotive, J. Oosten:
SWIFT-Tyre in SIMPACK: New Functionality for Comfort, Ride, Durability and Chassis Control Analysis
UM 2003, FKFS, W. Krantz, J. Neubeck:
Advanced Track and Tire Modelling Using SIMPACK User Routines
UM 2003, Ingenieurbüro Prof. Dr. Hirschberg, H. Weinfurter:
TMeasy - a Tyre Model "Easy to Use" in SIMPACK: Handling and Applications
UM 2001, GEDAS, Anhalt University of Applied Science, A. Fandre:
Tyre Models in Vehicle System Dynamics: RMOD-K and SIMPACK
UM 2001, SIMPACK AG, M. Schittenhelm:
Working with SIMPACK Automotive+, Release 8.5

Automotive General
UM 2011, University of Kassel (Department of Mechanical Engineering), M. Busch, B. Schweizer:
MBS/FEM Co-Simulation Approach for Analyzing Fluid/Structure-Interaction Phenomena in Turbine Systems
UM 2011, Das Virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (VIF), S. Litter; University of the Bundeswehr, A. Lion; MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, V. Mladek; SIMPACK AG, S. Dietz:
Integration of Flexible Structures in Multi-Body Systems: Reliable Model Generation and Automated Modeselection