European Multibody Simulation UGM 2016, Darmstadt, Germany

File Description
Euro MBS UGM 2016, Full Program

MBS UGM 2016; BMW AG, Florian Kuscha, Norbert Schroeder; Dassault Systems Deutschland GmbH, Michael Pöschl, Magdalena Niedhammer:
Advanced Cranktrain Simulation at BMW

MBS UGM 2016; Siemens AG, Bernhard Girstmair:
Simulation and Validation of Derailment Experiments with Simpack

MBS UGM 2016; Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG, Heidi Götz, Wolfgang Stamm:
Using Flexible Gears in Order to Detect the Root Cause of Gear Damage
MBS UGM 2016; Jaguar Land Rover, Gregory McCann:
Using SIMAT Co-Simulation to Integrate ABS Technology into Simpack Virtual Vehicle Models
MBS UGM 2016; MesH Engineering GmbH, Alireza Rezaeian, Stefan Hauptmann:
Developing an Aeroelastic Stability Analysis Process for Large Wind Turbines using Multibody Simulation
MBS UGM 2016; Technical University of Dresden, Johannes Woller, Claudius Lein, Robert Zeidler, Michael Beiteschmidt:
Numerical Study of the Structure-Borne Sound Transmission of a Bogie using Multibody Simulation