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UM 2014, Biomotion Solutions GbR, V. Keppler:
SIMPACK Biomotion — Application of Virtual Human Body Models in MBS Simulation: The Biomotion Car Driver Model and Other Applications

UM 2011, BioMotion-Solutions GbR, V. Keppler:
The Application of Human Body Models in SIMPACK

UM 2011, Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, F. Kohlschmied, M. Weber:
Vibration Reduction of Hand Held Power Tools

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UM 2007, University of Tuebingen, V. Keppler:
Calculation of Realistic Pressure Distribution in Human Hip Joint
UM 2004, TU Munich, T. Grund; University of Applied Sciences Munich, O. Wallrapp:
Simulations in Human Movement
UM 2004, University Tübingen, V. Keppler, H. Mutschler, H. Ruder:
Biomechanical Aspects of the Human-Machine-Interface
UM 2001, Czech Technical University, J. Kovanda:
Vehicle-pedestrian Collision, Simulation in SIMPACK