Wind and Drivetrain Conferences

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SIMULIA Conference Wind & Drivetrain, April 2018, Hamburg, Germany

2018, Dassault Systèmes:
4th Wind and Drivetrain Conference Program

2018, Dassault Systèmes, SIMULIA, S. Mulski:
Wind and Drivetrain Update

2018, Dassault Systèmes, SIMULIA, S. Dietz, M. Hervé, M. Schulze:
Flexible Bodies Update

2018, Dassault Systèmes, SIMULIA, A. Krinner, C. Schwarz, S. Mulski:
5MW Wind Database and Wind Wizard

2018, Dassault Systèmes, SIMULIA, Z. Abiza:
Wind Turbine and Drivetrain Applications using SIMULIA XFlow Lattice-Boltzmann High Fidelity CFD

2018, Dassault Systèmes, SIMULIA, J. Lecuyer:
Strength and Endurance Predictions of Drivetrains and Rotor Blades using Abaqus

2018, Dassault Systèmes, CATIA, C. Coïc:
Model-Aided Design of Hydraulic Pitch Actuation System

2018, Dassault Systèmes, SIMULIA, L. Lenormand:
Wind Energy Planning and Simulation in the Context of Landscape with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

2018, Exa GmbH, a Dassault Systèmes Company, W. van der Welden, G. Romani, D. Casalino:
Wind Turbine Noise Prediction using Exa PowerFLOW

2018, Technical University of Dresden, Institute of Machine Elements and Machine Design (IMM), T. Rosenlöcher, B. Schlecht:
How Multibody-System Simulation Models can Support the Design of Wind Turbines

2018, RWTH Aachen, Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD), D. Matzke, A. Werkmeister, A. Baseer, S. Leupold, B. Rieckhoff, J. Berroth, R. Schelenz, G. Jacobs:
Multi-Body-Simulation in Wind Energy – From Turbine Design to Detailed Component Load Calculation

2018, Anhalt University of Applied Science, C. Schulz, B. Kiess:
Impact of Elasticity on the Transmission Behaviour of Thin Ring Gears

2018, RWTH Aachen, Institute of Machine Elements and System Engineering (MSE), P. Drichel, M. Mueller-Giebeler, M. Jäger, J. Berroth, G. Jacobs, K. Hamayer, M. Vorländer:
Drivetrain Simulation for the Assessment of the NVH-Behavior of Electric Vehicles

2018, Dassault Systèmes, SIMULIA, T. Liebernickel:
Electric Drive and Vibration Analysis

2018, ChongQing University, C. Xu:
Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Wind Turbine Transmission Chain

SIMPACK Conference Wind & Drivetrain, September 2015, Hamburg, Germany

Conference Flyer

2015, SIMPACK GmbH, S. Mulski:
Latest Features

2015, SIMPACK GmbH, H. Schmitt:
Complete Turbine Simulation, Onshore and Offshore

2015, SIMPACK GmbH, M. Schulze:
Flexible Body Simulation

2015, ZF Wind Power Antwerpen NV, B. Marrant, F. Vanhollebeke:
On the Necessity for Open Cooperation Between Gearbox Supplier and Wind Turbine OEM to Avoid Wind Turbine Tonalities

2015, Stuttgart Wind Energy (SWE), University of Stuttgart, F. Beyer, M. Arnold, B. Luhmann, M. Kretschmer, P. W. Cheng:
Load Simulation of Offshore Wind Turbines — Modeling and Validation

2015, Institute of Machine Elements and Machine Design (IMM), Technical University of Dresden, B. Schlecht, T. Rosenlöcher:
Drivetrain Simulation and Load Determination using SIMPACK

2015, Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD), RWTH Aachen, J. Berroth, D. Matzke, Bi. L, R. Schelenz, G. Jacobs:
Full Scale Nacelle Test Benches for Model Validation

SIMPACK Conference Wind & Drivetrain, September 2012, Hamburg, Germany

Conference Flyer

2012, SIMPACK AG, S. Mulski:
Modeling Elements, Database Management, DLC Calculations

2012, SIMPACK AG, J. Harms:
DLC Calculations with SIMPACK Scripting

2012, ZF Wind Power Antwerpen NV, B. Marrant:
The Validation of Gearbox MBS Models in a Test Rig Environment

2012, University of Applied Science Kiel, U. Schümann; S. Frank; SkyWind GmbH, O. Goll, M. Schirru:
Simulation of a Wind Turbine on a Test bench using SIMPACK and MATLAB/Simulink

2012, Bremer Centrum of Mechatronic, H. Raffel; University of Bremen, IALB, B. Orlik, N. Kaminski:
SIMEMwind - The Electro-Mechanical Wind Turbine

2012, SUZLON Energy GmbH, F. Stache:
The Use of SIMPACK in Wind Turbine Development

Windpower Exhibition, June 2012, Atlanta, USA

2012, Windpower Exhibition; SIMPACK AG, S. Mulski:
Detailed Modeling and Simulation of Wind Turbines for Certification Purposes

SIMPACK Conference Wind & Drivetrain, June 2010, Hamburg, Germany

2010, SIMPACK AG, S. Mulski:
Wind Turbine and Drivetrain Modeling Elements and Analysis Methods
2010, IMM TU Dresden, B. Schlecht:
State-of-the-Art Techniques used for Determining Reliable Load Assumptions in Wind Turbines using SIMPACK

2010, IME RWTH Aachen, R. Schelenz, T. Kamper, S. Flock:
Aeroelastic Rotors in Multi-Body Simulation

2010, Uni Stuttgart SWE, S. Hauptmann, D. Matha, T. Hecquet:
Aeroelastic Load Simulations and Aerodynamic and Structural Modeling Effects

2010, ECN, F. Savenije, K. Boorsma:
Multi-Body Simulations at ECN Wind, Coupling of ECN Software