File Description

2012, December; DLR, W. Krüger, M. Klaus:
Multi-Body Simulation of a Flying Pterosaur

2010, September; TU Wien Institute of Mechanics and Mechatronics, R. Lernbeiss:
Simulation of the Dynamic Behavior of Aircraft Landing Gear Systems

2010, September; DLR, J. Arnold, W. Krüger, G. Einarsson:
Coupling of MBS and CFD: an Oscillating Aeroelastic Wing Model

2009, November; DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, A. Gibbesch, R. Krenn:
Planetary Rover Mobility Performance Simulation on a Sandy Terrain

2009, June; Universität Stuttgart, F. Scheerer, S. Hauptmann, S. Streiner:
Fluid-Structure Coupling for Wind Turbine Rotors

2008, November; SIMPACK AG, P. Khapane:
Simulation of Landing Gear Dynamics using SIMPACK

2001, December; DLR, G. Strickert:
SIMPACK Masters Skydiving

2001, December; DLR, R. Lampariello:
Modelling and Real-time Simulation of a Two Arm Free-Flying Robot with SIMPACK

1996, August; DLR, W. Krüger:
Entwicklung eines Flugzeugfahrwerks mit semiaktiver Dämpfung (German)