File Description

2016, February; Clemson University Restoration Institute, R. Schkoda:
Virtual Testing of Full ScaleWind Turbine Nacelles

2016, February; SIMPACK GmbH, S. Mulski, C. Schulz:
Flexible Gears for Detailed Gearbox Analysis

2014, August; University of Rostock, Chair of Technical Dynamics, R. Rachholz, C. Woernle;
W2e Wind to Energy GmbH, J. Zierath:
Experimental Validation of a 2 MW Wind Turbine Simulation Model

2014, August; SIMPACK AG, H. Mabou; MesH Engineering GmbH, S. Hauptmann; Senvion SE, L. Schön:
Advanced Multi-Body Modeling of Rotor Blades — Validation and Application

2014, March; SIMPACK AG, S. Mulski; elb|sim|engineering, J. Harms:
Load Calculations for Wind Turbines

2013, July; SWE, University of Stuttgart, D. Matha, F. Beyer:
Offshore Wind Turbine Hydrodynamics Modeling in SIMPACK

2013, July; NTNU, Marine Technology Centre, CeSOS, Yihan Xing:
Wind Turbine Drivetrain Modeling and Analysis Activities at CeSOS

2013, July; Aero Dynamic Consultant GmbH, S. Rilli, P. Klausmann; SWE, University of Stuttgart, S. Hauptmann:
Aeroelastic Simulation of Wind Turbines Coupling SIMPACK with ADCoS

2013, July; SIMPACK AG, S. Dietz:
SIMBEAM Reloaded

2012, December; REpower Systems SE, M. Buelk, L. Schoen; SWE, University of Stuttgart, S. Hauptmann; ECN, K. Boorsma:
Aeroelastic Wind Turbine Simulation in SIMPACK Coupled with the ECNAero-Module

2012, July; ZF Wind Power Antwerpen NV, B. Marrant:
The Validation of MBS Multi-Megawatt Gearbox Models on a 13.2 MW Test Rig

2012, July; Dongfang Turbine Co. Ltd., Y. Xiaolin, L. Hui:
Resonance Analysis of Wind Turbines

2011, December; REpower SE, Drive Train Technolgy:
Wind Turbine Drivetrain Design using Multi-Body Simulation Analyses

2011, December; Dresden University of Technology, B. Schlecht, S. Mtauweg, T. Rosenlöcher:
Dynamic Design of an Electromechanical Pitching System for Wind Turbines by Means of Multi-Body Simulation

2010, September; Dresden University of Technology, B. Schlecht, T. Rosenlöcher:
Determining Reliable Load Assumptions in Wind Turbines using SIMPACK

2010, September; Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services GmbH, M. Kochmann, M. Ristow:
Simulation of Drivetrains on Wind Turbines within the Framework of Certification - with SIMPACK

2010, September; DLR, J. Arnold, W. Krüger, G. Einarsson:
Coupling of MBS and CFD: an Oscillating Aeroelastic Wing Model

2009, November; Suzlon Energy GmbH, F. Stache, B. Ehlers:
Wind Turbine Aeroelastic Simulation by Embedding FleX5 into SIMPACK

2009, November; ECN, K. Boorsma:
ECN and SIMPACK Commence Cooperation on Wind Turbine Aero-Elastic Simulations

2009, November; SIMPACK AG, H. Rosner, S. Mulski:
SIMPACK AG goes Green

2009, June; Universität Stuttgart, F. Scheerer, S. Hauptmann, S. Streiner:
Fluid-Structure Coupling for Wind Turbine Rotors

2009, June; SIMPACK AG, S. Dietz:
Enhanced Flexible Body Simulation in SIMPACK 8.902

2009, June; SIMPACK AG, S. Mulski:
SIMPACK 8.902 — New Functionalities

2008, April; SIMPACK AG, L. Mauer, S. Mulski:
The FVA Chooses SIMPACK as Common Multi-Body Solution

2008, April; SIMPACK AG, S. Dietz:
Modal Stress Recovery in SIMPACK’s PostProcessor

2008, April; University of Stuttgart, D. Kaufer:
Aeroelastic Simulation of Wind Turbines by Coupling a Free Vortex Wake Model

2007, November; NREL, Francisco Oyague:
SIMPACK in the NREL Gearbox Reliability Collaborative

2007, November; SIMPACK AG, S. Mulski:
Rotor Blade Generator

2007, November; SIMPACK AG:

2006, November; University of Stuttgart, Stefan Hauptmann:
Integration of an Aerodynamic Wind Turbine Module