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Coupling SIMPACK with Helicopter Aerodynamics

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Optimization of Offshore Wind Turbine Components in Multi-Body Simulations for Cost and Load Reduction

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SIMPACK in the Design Process of Wind Turbines – From Entire Systems to Subcomponent Dynamics

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Possibilities to Use Multi-Body System Simulation Results to Design Components of Large Drivetrains

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Coupled CFD and Vortex Methods for Modeling Hydro- and Aerodynamics of Tidal Current Turbines and On- and Offshore Wind Turbines

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Joint Development of a Wind Turbine Drivetrain with Respect to Noise and Vibration
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Certification Requirements for the Drive Train Dynamics of Wind Turbines according to GL Guideline 2010
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The Development of an Innovative Wind Energy Concept with SIMPACK

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MBS Model Validation of Wind Turbine Gearboxes with Test Bench Measurements

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Aero- and Hydro-Elastic MBS Wind Turbine and Component Simulation
Aeroelasic Simulation of Wind Turbines Using Coupled Multi-Body and Aerodynamic Approaches
Design of a Wind Turbine Bedplate Using Permas and Advanced Drive Train Modeling
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Analysis of Complex Drive Trains Using SIMPACK - A Wide Range of Applications
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User Orientated Simulation Strategy to Analyse Heavy Drive Trains in SIMPACK
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An Investigation into Effects of Rolling Element Bearing Flexibility in a Wind Turbine Planetary Gearbox
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Simulation of Wind Turbine Structural Dynamics Affected by Turbulent Wind Fields and Controller Dynamics
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Simulation of Heavy Drive Trains with Multi-Megawatt Transmission Power in SIMPACK
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Dynamic Simulation of a Wind Turbine Using SIMPACK
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Simulation of the Three-Dimensional Vibration Behaviour of a Wind Energy Plant
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Multi-body-System-Simulation of Windturbines for Determination of Additional Dynamic Loads
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Simulation of Drive Trains in Wind Turbines with SIMPACK