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2014, Biomotion Solution GbR, V. Keppler: Chisseling with controlled pressing force

2014, SIMPACK AG, S. Mulski: Nonlinear SIMBEAM

2011, Grimme, S. Meiners: Granular product flows

2011, DLR, L. Fiorio: Passively compliant hexapod robot

2009, DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, A. Carrarini: Acoustic sound power

2007, ITM Stuttgart, P. Eberhard: Machine tool

2007, Zollner, F. Pfeffer: Tradinno

2005, SIMPACK AG, S. Mulski: Frequency sweep, constant amplitude excitation

2002, DLR, R. Lampariello: Simulation of a Two Arm Free-Flying Robot

2000, SIMPACK AG, S. Mulski: Gyroscopes