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2016, February; Dresden University of Technology, IMM, B. Schlecht, B. Roeseler; NOMOS Glashuette/SA, L. Reichel:
Calculation and Simulation of an Anchor Escapement in Mechanical Watches

2016, February; Munich Universtiy of Applied Sciences, S. Lehner, M. Ott:
Biomechanical Analysis of Nail and Plate Osteosynthesis for the Humerus Fracture

2013, July; Dresden University of Technology, B. Schlecht, C. Schulz:
Holistic Simulation of a Bucket Wheel Excavator

2013, July; Helbling Technik AG, T. Wiederkehr, F. Altpeter:
Review of Motion Sickness Evaluation Methods and their Application to Simulation Technology

2013, July; Munich University of Applied Sciences, t. Bretan, S. Lechner:
3D Simulation of the Human Middle Ear with Multi-Body Systems

2012, July; Virtual Vehicle, C. Nußbaumer:
Simulation of Rope-Propelled Automated People Mover Systems in SIMPACK

2012, July; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, A. Rüdenauer:
Cross-Company System Simulation using the GUSMA-Standard for Co-Simulation

2011, December; Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, S. Meiners:
Simulation of Granular Product Flows in SIMPACK using the PCM Contact Method

2011, December; DLR - German Aerospace Center, Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, L. Fiorio, M. Görner, A. Wedler:
Simulation of New Leg Concepts for a Passively Compliant Hexapod Robot

2010, September; University of Stuttgart, Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics, A. Lenhard, F. Fleißner, P. Eberhard:
Simulating Tank Vehicles with Sloshing Liquid Load

2009, November; DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, A. Gibbesch, R. Krenn:
Planetary Rover Mobility Performance Simulation on a Sandy Terrain

2009, November; Zollner Elektronik AG, F. Pfeffer:
Rise of a Monstrous Robot, called "Tradinno", in SIMPACK

2004, December; SIMPACK AG, L. Mauer:
SIMPACK User Meeting 2004

2004, July; TU München, T. Thümmel, J. Woyke:
SIMPACK FEMBS Simulation of a Moulded Pantograph Mechanism

2003, August; DLR, A. Heckmann:
Thermoelasticity in Multi-Body Dynamics

2003, August; SIMPACK AG, J. Gerl:
SIMPACK User Meeting 2003 in Freiburg

2001, December; DLR, R. Lampariello:
Modelling and Real-time Simulation of a Two Arm Free-Flying Robot with SIMPACK

2001, December; SIMPACK AG, S. Engert:
SIMPACK User Meeting 2001 in Bad Ischl

2001, December; DLR, G. Strickert:
SIMPACK Masters Skydiving

2001, June; Fachhochschule Karlsruhe, M. Deeg, J. Pollmacher:
Benchmark zu MKS-Programmen an der FH Karlsruhe

1998, December; SIMPACK AG:
SIMPACK-User-Meeting 98