Dassault Systèmes User Conference 2018, Hanau, Germany

File Description
DSUC 2018, Full Program
2018, Anhalt University of Applied Science, Carsten Schulz, Benjamin Kiess, Stephan Voigt:
Maintenance Prediction Using Real-Time Digital Twins
2018, Technical University Dresden, IMM, Thomas Rosenlöcher:
Influence of Simulation Model Detail on Determinable Natural Frequencies and Loads
2018, MesH Engineering, Stefan Hauptmann:
Developing a Multidisciplinary Wind Turbine Model for Analysis of Coupling Effects between Structural Dynamics and Grid Supporting Control Strategies
2018, Applus IDIADA Group, Niels Van Sadelhoff, Ivan Mula Vivero:
Simpack Usage for Handling, Comfort and Durability Simulations on Virtual Proving Ground
2018, SynOpt GmbH, Biomotion Solutions, Valentin Keppler:
Analyzing Motorcycle Handling and Stability with Simpack
2018, Wölfel Engineering, Aravinda Veeraraghavan:
Numerical Method for the Combined Analysis of Seating and Ride Comfort
2018, ALSTOM Transport Deutschland GmbH, Marc Stiepel:
Managing Calculation Scenarios in Simpack using MATLAB
2018,Technical University of Berlin, Shiping Dongfang:
Simpack-Scripting Techniques Used in Parameter-Variation Analysis of Rail Vehicle Dynamics
2018, RWTH Aachen, MSE (formerly IME & IKT), IEM, ITA, Pascal Drichel, Marc Mueller-Giebeler, Markus Jäger, Joerg Berroth, Georg Jacobs, Kay Hamayer, Michael Voländer:
Multi-Domain Simulation for the Assessment of the NVHBehavior of Electric Vehicles with Special Attention to the Influence of Rotor Eccentricity
2018, Dassault Systèmes, SIMULIA, Govind Mohan:
Electric Drive Noise and Vibration Analysis

North American Multibody Simulation UGM 2017, Plymouth, MI

File Description
NAM MBS UGM 2017, Full Program
MBS UGM 2017; cosin scientific software, Gerald Hofmann, Michael Gipser:
FTire: More Than Rubber and Cord. Thermal, Flexible Rim, and RealTime
MBS UGM 2017; Concurrent Real-Time, Wesley Nardoni, Ramesh Praveenkumar:
Concurrent Real-Time Company and Simulation Workbench Overview
MBS UGM 2017; rFpro, Matt Daley:
rFpro & Dassault Systèmes Products: Integrated Development Software for Human and Autonomously Driven Vehicles
MBS UGM 2017; Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA, Brad Heers, Phil Shorter:
Acoustic Analysis with Simpack & Wave6
MBS UGM 2017; Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA, Wulf Roever:
Planetary Gear System – Gear Whine – Transmission/Differential

European Multibody Simulation UGM 2017, Brunswick, Germany

File Description
Euro MBS UGM 2017, Full Program
MBS UGM 2017; Daimler AG, Marc Laessing:
Efficient Analysis of Drivetrain Induced Vibrations in Commercial Vehicles using an In-House Tool based on Simpack QtScript
MBS UGM 2017; MesH Engineering GmbH, Alireza Rezaeian, J. Ruhnke, Stefan Hauptmann:
DampIT: A Tool for the Identification of Physical Damping Coefficients of a Multibody Simulation Model
MBS UGM 2017; Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA, Rémi Alliot, Ismael Aadnan; MATISA, Jacques Zuercher, Egoïtz Unsain:
Simulation of Railway Track Maintenance Trains at MATISA
MBS UGM 2017; Fraunhofer ITWM, Axel Gallrein, Manfred Baecker:
Dynamic Simulation of the Inflation Gas of a Tire under Operational Conditions
MBS UGM 2017; Biomotion Solutions, Valentin Keppler:
Simpack Biomotion Driver and Occupant Models for Single-Track, Multi-Track and Other Vehicles
MBS UGM 2017; University of Sherbrooke, Nicolas Joubert:
Comparison of Semi-Analytical Methods for Frame Load Evaluation on a Recreational Vehicle

North American Multibody Simulation UGM 2016, Plymouth, MI

File Description
NAM MBS UGM 2016, Full Program
MBS UGM 2016; Honda R&D Americas Inc., Andrew Fox:
Simulation of AWD Performance with Multibody Chassis Model and Hardware in the Loop System (HILS)

European Multibody Simulation UGM 2016, Darmstadt, Germany

File Description
Euro MBS UGM 2016, Full Program

MBS UGM 2016; BMW AG, Florian Kuscha, Norbert Schroeder; Dassault Systems Deutschland GmbH, Michael Pöschl, Magdalena Niedhammer:
Advanced Cranktrain Simulation at BMW

MBS UGM 2016; Siemens AG, Bernhard Girstmair:
Simulation and Validation of Derailment Experiments with Simpack

MBS UGM 2016; Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG, Heidi Götz, Wolfgang Stamm:
Using Flexible Gears in Order to Detect the Root Cause of Gear Damage
MBS UGM 2016; Jaguar Land Rover, Gregory McCann:
Using SIMAT Co-Simulation to Integrate ABS Technology into Simpack Virtual Vehicle Models
MBS UGM 2016; MesH Engineering GmbH, Alireza Rezaeian, Stefan Hauptmann:
Developing an Aeroelastic Stability Analysis Process for Large Wind Turbines using Multibody Simulation
MBS UGM 2016; Technical University of Dresden, Johannes Woller, Claudius Lein, Robert Zeidler, Michael Beiteschmidt:
Numerical Study of the Structure-Borne Sound Transmission of a Bogie using Multibody Simulation