Software History

In the late eighties engineering applications arose which required the use of a non-linear MBS software which could also incorporate flexible bodies. A suitable software package could not be found on the market to fulfil this specification, and thus SIMPACK was born. The development of SIMPACK was started at the German Aerospace Research Centre (DLR). In the early days of SIMPACK, MAN Technology also played an integral role in the development. For the next several years SIMPACK was developed and used as an in-house tool at the DLR.


The development of SIMPACK 8.6 began in the middle of February 2002 and contained more than 300 new developments, which included customer and technology driven enhancements. SIMPACK 8.6 didn`t just offer new improvements and enhancements over SIMPACK 8.5, but contained entirely new modules such as FlexContact, SIMBEAM, LOADS for FEMFAT, DMU Export or RAIL SWITCHES.

1999 and 2002

SIMPACK 8 and 8.5 brought a revised GUI, an optimisation module, and new technology for the interfaces to FE codes and MATLAB.


SIMPACK Automotive+ was launched with Version 7 which also received immediate success. Superior calculation performance and accuracy, as well as the sophisticated parameterisation and database concept, made several companies rely on SIMPACK for high-end simulation of cars and trucks.


After two years of intensive development, SIMPACK Version 6, with SIMPACK Wheel/Rail, successfully penetrated the railway market and became the market leader by the end of the nineties.

Also, first appearing in Version 6, the entire linear system analysis, optimised numerics of the time domain solver, and the 'design of experiments' module.


INTEC was founded in order to commercialise the SIMPACK code. At this time Version 5 was already a competitive product having sophisticated 3D graphics and an interactive model set-up via the GUI. SIMPACK's heart, the outstanding solver, was by this time already beating strongly. Also in 1993 the development of SIMPACK Wheel/Rail started with the support of SIEMENS Transportation Systems.